Guilt Free Spicy Thai “pasta”-yum!

I don’t eat pasta. Don’t hate. I just don’t think it’s all that and I don’t think it’s worth the calories. Quite frankly one serving of pasta for 200 calories doesn’t even fill me up. Give me a 150 calorie dense baked potato any day over pasta (shhh don’t tell my trainer!).

But my zucchini pasta? Bring it on! After spending way too much money buying pre-spiralized packages of yellow and green zucchini at my local vegetable market, I finally invested in my own spiraling machine. I was skeptical, but it works like a charm and has several other blade options for slicing. There are many options on the market, I opted for  this mid priced one and as I said it’s fabulous. And also very easy to clean. #bonusIMG_1064

My kids all love these noodles, sautéed and topped with parmesan or sauce.  (I buy Go Veggie vegan parmesan for myself and my vegan son). But recently I had a craving for some spicy thai curry and thought up this “noodle” recipe. It came out tasting exactly like I imagined and was full of flavor and free of guilt!

The “sauce”

I combined firm tofu, red curry paste, chopped cilantro, crushed chili flakes and coconut milk in my food processor. Instead of using traditional coconut milk for cooking which is laden with calories and fat I use my regular drinking coconut milk-same flavor! Califia Farms has a half almond-half toasted coconut milk that I adore. It’s unsweetened and has no additives. (Their milk is the only brand we drink-the almond milk has 2 ingredients-almonds and water-as it should be.) Blend and salt to taste. Place aside.IMG_1065

Saute the zucchini noodles separately and place in a bowl. Then sauté the veggies you want to top it with-I used mixed greens, edamame, brussel sprouts, broccoli and red cabbage . IMG_1068

Place the sautéed veggies on top of your noodles, add your spicy sauce, some extra chopped cilantro and voila! Dinner (lunch?) is served. IMG_1069


Extra protein? A little baked tofu goes a long way.IMG_1070

p.s. Your “noodles” can be a variety of veggies! Carrots, beets, celery root, daikon. Experiment!


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