Tofu is a four letter word: NOT

This scary plant based protein made easy!

Trust me. I know. I’ve been there. I went vegetarian at age 8 and didn’t start eating tofu well into my 20s. It sounds scary. It carries a stigma. And when you open a container of tofu…well it can be mushy and flavorless (and it’s white? What food is that white?!). But I promise, the two recipes I am going to share are absolutely delicious. All 3 of my children love and there are very few foods they all agree on.

You know Bethenny Frankel? Skinny Bitch? I mean…girl…? Before the Real Housewives and all of that, she was the chef at this great midtown lunch place called Blanche’s Organic where I would go pretty much every day. She made the most amazing lemon baked tofu that opened my eyes and my taste buds right up.  This tofu was firm! It had flavor! My two favorite ways to prepare tofu now replicate the firmness of that tofu. So I can hate on her margaritas and her millions, but yeah, she made some damn good tofu. Thanks Bethenny!

My marinated baked tofu cubes are now made weekly and sit in the fridge perfect as a snack for some quick easy protein or easy to add to a plate of veggies for a fast, healthy meal. (Yes I am here to show you that having no time is not a valid excuse any more…#sorrynotsorry!)

I use Nasoya Lite Extra Firm tofu. It has only 45 calories per serving and 8 grams of protein. But any brand of firm or extra firm tofu works.

(stir fry or steam some veggies, add handful of tofu and perhaps some quinoa-voila!)

Lemon Baked Tofu

2 lemons, juiced

1/4 C rice vinegar

1/2 t crushed garlic

black pepper

Tamari Ginger Tofu

1/2 C Tamari soy sauce (I use San-J organic gluten free tamari)

1/2 C rice vinegar

1/2 t crushed garlic

1/2 t crushed ginger

Both recipes are prepared the same way-see? Easy peasy!

Open one or two packages of extra firm or firm tofu, drain.  Blot the tofu with paper towels (or be green! use a dish towel!) until the excess water is absorbed. Cube into bite size pieces. In a bowl combine all the ingredients and add the cubed tofu, carefully using a spatula to make sure all the cubes get into the liquid (tofu breaks pretty easily). Let the tofu marinate 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. The longer the better but 20 minutes is sufficient to get the flavor. On a tray covered in tinfoil and sprayed with non stick olive oil, arrange the tofu in a single layer. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour.

Recently I have been making the tofu in my Breville Smartoven convection toaster because it cooks food in less time. Seriously, this toaster has changed my life. It roasts veggies in literally half the time as my regular oven. The tofu can easily be done in 40 minutes (and must be baked at a lower temp of 380). It has a pizza setting for fresh or frozen (my kids eat a lot of pizza, hey it’s better than hot dogs!). If you’re looking for a new kitchen appliance I cannot say enough. I haven’t turned my oven on in a long time.  See it here!


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